Guest Post! Bodybuilding Pro Delivers the Deets for 3 Moves Every CrossFitter Should Do!

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I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this just as anxiously as me and guess what. It’s heeerreeeeee!! Remember last week when I was all, “Hey! Super exciting news! I did my first collaboration!“? And I mentioned that my collaborator would be creating Part 2? Well it’s heeerreeeeee!! This post is awesome and includes some of […]

5 Ways to Make Wallballs Suck Less

5 Ways to Make Wallballs Suck Less

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin We’ve all been there. You rush in to your favorite fitness class (because there’s NO way you’re going to get caught doing the late penalty) and as soon as you drop off your stuff and take a breath of relief for making it there in time you check the workout […]