What People Are Saying

Curious to know what it is like to have me as your coach? Here are some real accounts from CrossFit athletes I coached in a group environment (including first timers and box owners), clients I have coached in a private setting at their residence, online clients and even from fellow coaches who I coach along side with every day.

I have used Johnna as my personal trainer for the last 6 months . She is very professional, knowledgeable and always comes on time. She has innovative ideas and doesn’t do the same exercise twice in the same month.  Lots of variety. I would recommend her in a heartbeat


So I am in the #fiftysomething category and have hated working out even when I was 25. I met Johnna through a mutual friend who trained with her and I have to say she changed my world and made me feel great by taking care of myself. Nothing is instant but her perseverance is incredible I must say! She never gave up on me.

From her daily texts of how am I doing and what did you eat and send me a pic of your food to her informational emails or what I call homework for stretching and mediating ! I like the fact that she changes your routine constantly and makes it fun and exciting.
Have some events coming up , she will work it out or work you out to fit that special outfit!
She understands your physical level and works with you to get you where you want to be with the utmost professionalism and knowledge.
I can call her with any concerns or issues that arise and she calls me immediately and helps me through it. She has a fantastic followup process to keep you on track and keep you motivated which is incredibly important. Johnna is incredibly punctual, she takes your training very seriously and your time.
I rarely recommend anyone and I cannot recommend her enough ! She is just an outstanding Trainer for any gender and level of physical shape.
She will change your life for the better.
Vivian Bonet, 54,  Architect / General Contractor / Developer
Johnna was my very first coach in Crossfit training. While working with her I learned that she is a very knowledgeable, helpful, and charismatic individual. In class, Johnna will never go over a WOD without properly describing the movements involved. She projects her knowledge while meticulously explaining and breaking down compound movements with the necessary details for an athlete to LEARN. Also, Johnna is the type of coach that is not afraid to reach out to you. She will follow up with you in the box or through text to check in and verify how you feel. As an athlete, you will always be prone to some type of soreness, Johnna will provide accessory work and help you address any specific pain you might have. As the Crossfit rookie that I was (and still am) I appreciated the time she invested into correcting my form/or sharing additional how-to’s while wodding; this is the best way to improve as an athlete. As I progressed in Crossfit, Johnna suggested that I should enroll in a competition. Yeah, she is also great at motivating her athletes to test themselves. A couple of months before the competition, Johnna prepared a program that helped me achieve a personal goal, win first place. More important than winning the competition, I learned that Johnna is a coach that is authentically invested in the improvement of her athletes and takes pride in all of the goals attained along the way. In addition, she has a broad musical palate, so you will never get tired of training with monotonous music genres (rock on!). Overall, if you want to become a better athlete, feel better about yourself and/or achieve some goals along the way Johnna is a great coach and friend that will help you achieve that.
Raul E Nunez, 25 | Engineer
Johnna is an incredible motivator that develops butt-kicking workouts that get better and harder overtime. She knows that these movements become more comfortable overtime, so she finds the way to always change it up and so it’s not boring. She personalizes everything based on what your goal is, whether its running a marathon or just losing weight. If you are unable to meet with her in person, she will provide excellent tutorials that show how certain movements are done. On top of all this, she can also provide guidance on adding the right eating habits to your daily routine. I highly recommend Johnna as a personal coach, in the end, she will also become a close personal friend.