Spartan SGX

spartan SGX coach miami

I am proud say that I am a Spartan SGX Certified Coach in Miami!

Obstacle course race training is unique from other sport training. OCRs demand proficiency in running, climbing, jumping and preparedness for whatever the course may ask of you. These races test your physical capabilities and more importantly your mental tenacity. I have experience and know what you need to successfully make it to the finish line.

The Spartan SGX training system builds through phases. Your body will be pushed, your mind will be tested and your nutrition habits will change. At the completion of a program you will be able to confidently overcome any obstacle that is thrown at you on the race course- and in life.

It isn’t just building better athletes- it is building better humans. Reach out today for personal or small group trainings to help you to conquer your next, or your first, obstacle race!