Who Is I Squat for Pancakes?

We have created a team of qualified specialists that are ready to help make your dreams in health and fitness a reality. Our primary focus is on training, nutrition and overall wellness. When I learned of my mission to help people I wanted to ensure I had a strong wheelhouse of individuals to help make that possible.

Our approach to fitness is a holistic approach to wellness. We believe your biological, emotional and physical wellbeing are what being healthy truly means. Scientific evidence has shown that if you use quality foods to fuel your body and ensure that you practice acts of happiness that you will live a longer and healthier and more fulfilling life. Add in challenging your body via variable forms of fitness and movement your body’s response is to release hormones that give you energy, improve your mood, increase your confidence, help you focus, prevent injury and disease due to aging and external factors and more.

Whether you are looking to tone or have a specific goal in mind we are hear to help you- mind body and spirit.


Our Team



Johnna currently holds a CF-L2, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certification and Spartan SGX Training Certification. She can currently be found coaching CrossFit classes at a local affiliate and providing in-person and online training and meal plan recommendations for her clients where she actively works to help them reach their individual goals. Athletically she has been coached by Muscle Driver USA Coach Don McCauley and actively participates in obstacle course races and enjoys other forms of movement.

In Her Own Words

Growing up I wasn’t exactly sure of what I wanted to do professionally. I never played sports and my participation in exercise was something that varied- and that’s only after starting to workout some in college. Even then I would try to eat as few calories as possible and spend time doing cardio- which I didn’t learn until later is NOT the right approach.

Several years after moving to Miami and while I had an office job I started CrossFit and fell in love. I saw the change it made in me emotionally and physically. Within  a year I had my L1 and within 2 I was coaching classes and had left my office job. I felt awesome and I was more positive and happier overall. I saw this same change happen with others who began CrossFit and I was hooked.

This realization peaked my interest and gave me a thirst that I have yet to quench. I began researching and trying other forms of exercise- which are both things I continue to do today. I have seen the effects a healthy lifestyle can have and experienced it personally and I want to help empower others with the same confidence.

I wanted to give that gift to people. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to change their lives. And now I do. Every single day. That’s why I am here.  No dream is too big and I help others realize that.



Owner and Curator of Perspectives Yoga, a yoga lifestyle
brand, offering athletic apparel, accessories and new perspectives on

Jémea has a degree in both Fashion Merchandising and Graphic Design.
Utilizing her background in the creative arts, she has worked in the
luxury cosmetics and hospitality industries obtaining knowledge of online
branding and marketing strategy. She has paired this with her passion for
fitness and fashion into the business Perspectives Yoga. In addition,
Jémea is currently pursuing her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

In Her Own Words

I’ve always been involved in two things, fashion and fitness. I remember
designing for my dolls on a sewing machine at maybe the age of 4 or 5. And
I’ve loved fitness ever since my brother taught me how to do my first
squat. I’m not so much about sports, but the gym life, weight lifting,
jogging, and of course yoga. In 2015, the opportunity arose to marry my
two biggest passions while aspiring to inspire others along the way. I’m
all about sharing my personal growth, positive outlook and how I conquer
life challenges while learning so much more from the audience I connect
with. I strive to change only what I can along the way, my perspective.



So why “I Squat for Pancakes?”

Having always had an entrepreneurial spirit and once I found my passion I wanted to brand it. So I thought of my loves of fitness and food and bada bing, bada boom- I Squat For Pancakes. I thought it was relatable and speaks to what my site and career is all about. Fitness (the squatting) and nutrition (pancakes can be healthy too). I Squat for Pancakes is the name I decided to house my professional efforts under. I use it as an identifier for myself and also as a business.